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Episodes 1&2: discussion

THAT WAS THE BEST EPISODE EVER! :-D Completely blew the 80's out of the water- I screamed and I laughed, cried, and of course screamed some more! It was exciting and action-packed drama from beginning to end.

Here's a recap, [STOP] reading here if you don't want spoilers:
Elena is the maid's daughter that grw up with Chris and John Ross. She was going to marry Chris but the day before she got an email "from him" saying he can't and it's over. She ran away to Mexico and that's where John Ross found her and they started dating. Chris didn't know what happened or why she left and upset, he traveled to Asia where he met his new fiancee, Rebecca. The first episodes are around Chris&Rebecca's wedding. Chris finds out about the email from Elena minutes before the wedding, they kiss and profess their love for eachother still, but then he marries Rebecca anyways (WHAT?!) John Ross says he didn't send the letter and hired someone to figure out who did (probably JR, duh).

Meanwhile, JohnRoss and Elena started drilling for oil on South Fork, Bobby put a stop to it and wants to sell the ranch to a land/wildlife preserve. But the lady he thinks he's selling the land to (Marta) is actually working for John Ross. She's also playing JR for a fool- he discovers the truth at the end of Ep. 2.

Bobby has cancer and needs surgery but doesn't want to tell anyone. His wife finds his pills after a robbery and of course she's there for Bobby. Chris believe in alternative energy resources and wants to get methane from the sea. Bobby wants to give the money from the ranch sell to Chris's project.

JR is suffering from depression until he hears JohnRoss talk about taking back the ranch to drill, "oil's thicker than blood", and Jr makes his comeback! YAY! He's more evil than ever and he's started manipulationg /everyone/. He attends a cattleman ball and even flirts with Sue Ellen.
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